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  • Product class: Product .Ear,Nose,and Throat .DK-ENT-MS
  • Product describe:Clinical Application Surgeries through ear: ossicular chain lysis surgery, artificial cochlea reconstruction Surgery, fenestratin, temporal bone resection surgery etc. Transnasal approach: minimal invasive surgical of eyepit, basis crania and intracranial Diseases, such as fracture of fiber. Surgeries through oral: atlantoaxial surgery, endoscopic thyroidectomy, amygdalectomy, Parotid resection, laryngeal tumor and cyst and other surgeries
  • DK-ENT-MS ENT Surgical Power Device (Senior Grade)

    7-Inch Color Touch Screen
    Stepless Speed and Functional Control
    Self-Diagnosis Technology
    Compact Handpiece to Ensure Precise Operation

    Clinical Application
    Surgeries Through Ear: Ossicular Chain Lysis Surgery, Artificial Cochlea Reconstruction
    Surgery, Fenestration, Temporal Bone Resection Surgery etc.
    Transnasal Approach: Minimal Invasive Surgical of Eyepit, Basis Crania and Intracranial
    Diseases, such As Fracture of Paranasal Sinuses, Nasal Tumor, Cyst and Abnormal
    Hyperplasia of Fiber.
    Surgeries Through Oral: Atlantoaxial Surgery, Endoscopic Thyroidectomy, Amygdalectomy,
    Parotid Resection, Laryngeal Tumor and Cyst and Other Surgeries
    Main Function

    Ear drill, micro ear drill

    Nose and throat shaving


    Optional function

    Compact sagittal saw, compact oscillating saw

    Compact reciprocating saw and compact rotary hand-piece etc.

    Main Attachments

                      Picture                                                                             Description        

    High Speed Micromotor

     ISO-E quick connector, autoclavable

     High speed motor, powerful and stable output power.

     Auto air-cooling technology, low temperature rise/noise/vibration


     Shave Handpiece

    Safe and reliable

      Low vibration/noise/heat, pen-hold design, autoclavable

      Inner direct exhaust technology and cooling irrigation pipeline design, direct exhaust handpiece, suction, cutting and exhaust in one line, not easy to be stuck

     Stepless adjustment foot controller.

    Cooling irrigation pipeline 

      Auto identification of shavers




    Bur Handpiece

     ISO-E quick connector, autoclavable

     Rotation speed 80000r/min, super light,pen-hold and anti-slide structure


     Low heat/noise

    ☆ Cooling irrigation: cooling flush tube

     Straight and angled handpieces with different sizes to meet the need of

         different surgeries


    Top quality and durable material is adopted,


    ☆  Bur diamond round: Ф1.0mm、Ф2.0mm、Ф3.0mm,diameter of pole:


    ☆ Bur tungsten round:Ф2.0mm、Ф3.0mm、Ф5.0mm,diameter of pole:



    Handpiece of Micro Eear Drill (Optional)

    Low heat/noise/vibration

    Super light, pen-hold and antiskid design

    Straight and curved handpiece are available for options

    High Speed 80000rpm,
    Low Heat/Noise/Vibration
    Comprehensive Bore Length

    Foot Controller 

     3.5 meters cable, stepless adjustment, functions switch and irrigation control can be realized

    ☆ IPX8 water-proof grade, anti-slide and rollover prevention

    ☆ Pedal height is 48mm to ease the fatigue of foot

    ☆ Compact and fashion

    ☆ Durable and firm structure design with high load capacity
        Compact Oscillating Saw Handpiece (optional)
    Pen-hold Design
    High Stability and Efficiency, 0-360°Saw Blade Mounting,
    ISO-E connector for Micromotor
       太阳网上娱乐99135 Compact Sagittal Saw Handpiece (optional)
    Pen-hold Design
    High Stability and Efficiency, 0-180°Saw Blade Mounting,
    ISO-E connector for Micromotor

    Compact Reciprocating Saw Handpiece 

    Super light weight, pen-hold design

    Low heat/noise/vibration

    High stability and efficiency

          Compact Rotary Handpiece (optional)
    Super Light,
    Low Heat/Noise/Vibration
    Mounting Quickly and Easily
    ISO-E connector for Micromotor

    Bone Cutting Handpiece 

    Optinal protector

    Max. speed 40,000rpm

    Low heat/noise/vibration

    High stability and efficiency


    Irrigation Kit



    Small Bone Function

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