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  • Product class: Product .Neurological .DK-N-MS
  • Product describe:Safe&Reliable: Wide voltage design, self ​air-cooling, IPX8 water proof foot controller Efficient: powerful, ISO-E quick connector Intelligent: auto-indentify for micromotor/tools, self-diagnosis
  • DK-N-MS  Neurosurgery Power Device(Senior Grade)

    7 Inches TFT Touch Screen

    Double-motor control                                                                   
    Stepless Speed and Functional Control                                           
    Intelligent Diagnosis and Protection
    Instant and Automatic Stop Mechanically Once Cranial Bone Be Penetrated

    Clinical Application
    Cranial Perforating and Cutting:
    Decompressive Craniectomy, Craniotomy for Intracranial Tumor
    Resection, Cranioplasty
    Basicranial Surgery:
    Transnasal Approach Basicranial Surgery:Minimum Invasive Surgery
    in Intracranial Area as Cerebrospinal Rhinorrhea, Hypophyseoma,
    Craniopharyngioma, Abnormal
    Hyperplasia of Fiber

    Main Function

    Cranial Drilling, Cutting and Burring

    Optional Function

    Compact Sagittal Saw, Compact Oscillating Saw, Compact Reciprocating Saw, Compact Rotary Handpiece              

    Main Attachments


    High Speed Micromotor for Cranial Drilling and Cutting

    ☆ ISO-E quick connector, autoclavable

    ☆ Powerful and stable output power

    ☆ Compact and light

    High Speed Micromotor for Burring

    ☆ ISO-E quick connector, autoclavable

    ☆ High speed motor, powerful and stable output power

    ☆ Compact and light


    Cranial Perforating Handpiece

    ☆ Low noise/vibration, no load noise

    Cranial Perforator 

    ☆ Mechanical auto stop when the perforator touches the dura to ensure

        the safety of the surgery 
    ☆ Quick connector design 
    ☆ Top quality stainless steel with higher hardness treatment is

        adopted in the cutting edge of the perforator 


    Cranial Cutting Handpiece

    ☆ Compact, anti-slide design, hand-hold or pen-hold

    ☆ Superlight, low nose/vibration

    ☆ Quick connector design

    Rotatable dura guard, minimal cutting radius, smooth and safe

    ☆ Autoclavable

    Cutting Blade

    ☆ Patent screw seal function design to prevent fluid goes into the cutting


    ☆ Straight cutting edge design, sharp and durable


    Bur Handpiece

    ☆ ISO-E quick connector, autoclavable

    ☆ super light, pen-hold and anti-slide structure design

    ☆ Forward/reverse rotation, low heat/noise

    ☆ Cooling irrigation


    ☆ Tungsten material, anti-deformation, sharp and durable, autoclavable


    Foot Controller

     ☆3.5 meters cable, stepless adjustment, functions switch and irrigation control can be realized

    ☆ IPX8 water-proof grade, anti-slide and rollover prevention

    ☆ Pedal height is 48mm to ease the fatigue of foot

    ☆ Compact and fashion

    ☆ Durable and firm structure design with high load capacity

    Compact Sagittal Saw Handpiece (optional) 

    Pen-hold Design

    High Stability and Efficiency, 0-180°Saw Blade Mounting

    ISO-E connector for Micromotor 


     Compact Oscillating Saw Handpiece (optional)

    Pen-hold Design

    ☆ High Stability, Efficiency, 0-360°Saw Blade Mounting

     ISO-E connector for Micromotor


    Compact Reciprocating Saw Handpiece (optional) 

     High Stability and Efficiency,  

     Super Light, Low Heat/Noise/Vibration

     ISO-E connector for Micromotor  



     Cranial drilling and cutting function

     Burring function

     Small Bone Function


    Irrigation Kit

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